New Samsung galaxy earbuds live review:- price, specs, design, unboxing experience!

After days of using Samsung galaxy live earbuds, now its time to share my experience with you all thru a.

After days of using Samsung galaxy live earbuds, now its time to share my experience with you all thru a Samsung live earbuds review.

samsung galaxy live earbuds review

If you want to start something new, you have to stop something old. That’s surely what Samsung company intends to do with the New Galaxy Buds Live – came out last month. The earbuds flaunt an absolutely new design, compare to coffee beans by some and open a line up for Samsung, alongside its Galaxy Buds series. Price in India Rs 14,990, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live led to an overflow of questions because of their never-seen-before design of earbuds. 

Do they feature noise cancellation? How do they fit in ears? Do they stay in? Where does the sound come from? How to connect them with mobile? I have been using the Galaxy Buds Live for a few days now and it is time to answer all these questions in this review.  

The Galaxy Buds Live are Samsung’s present day flagship Bluetooth earbuds product, sitting in opposition to Apple company’s iconic Airpods. The Galaxy Buds traverse this odd trend with a fully different set of design principles, with earbuds that are actually designed to anchor against the grooves of ear, rather than sit in people’s ear canal.

The Buds can be used on basically any device with Bluetooth connectivity, but on mobile phones, you get some extra configurations. Some of these configs are pretty majority since they allow you to turn off the ANC, or disable the on-ear touch-sensitive controls. If you’re using them while lying down, or sleepiness on a long-haul plane flight, you can be want to turn off the touch features to stop them misfiring unintentionally. Sadly, the Samsung galaxy live buds app doesn’t remember the settings onto the earbuds, which is a some of a shame, but probably a niche gripe.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review: Design & Fit exploration

There will be a much more of discussions and debates around it, for sure. The least I can say is that it is a latest change from parallel-looking, boring prev design that has already been over-observed in the short history of TWS earphones.  

The new galaxy live buds changes in design are visible, starting to the charging case – a compact square-type box with smooth & shiny finish. The charging case comfortably fits in your flat of the hand or pocket and is light as well. It has Samsung productivity on top, a LED indicator on front & a Type-C USB charging port at the back side of buds. Right below the branding you get the tagline ‘Sound by AKG’ .  

The samsung galaxy live buds charging case also supports wireless charging, which is super helpful, especially as long as we continue to work from indoor.  

I can’t refuse that the first some days were tough, trying to get used to the something new form factor. It was hard to figure it out and also the perfect positioning of ends. one time you get used to the design, you start appreciating it.  

The earbuds are extremely low weight and seamlessly fit in your ear. Since, they takes almost the entire ear canal, they are useful to create a vacuum and stopping outer noises.

a problem leads to two. Since the buds touch sensors are on top of the body, you end up giving a command almost every time you try to adjust the earbuds from the ear. We should expect better implementation of this design in the upcoming-gen galaxy buds live. 

The Galaxy Buds Live are comes in three colors 1. Mystic Black, 2. Mystic Bronze, and third color is Mystic White . Achasahi got the Mystic Black unit for the review but, I personally suggest you – Bronze colour much more lovable. 

To analysis the touch controls, you can play of pause tracks with a single touch while a double-tap allows you to skip tracks, answer or cut calls. Triple tap allows you to go back to the prev song. You can long tap the sensor to use Google Assistant feature. Most of these actions can be customized using the Samsung Galaxy wearable app. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live connectivity & App review 

Galaxy Buds Live also come with Quick Pair support similarly as the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds plus. You just need to open the case and wait it can take a few moments before the phone automatically detects them.

additionally, you can easily wear the Samsung live buds, touch and hold both of them for 3 seconds to enter the connectivity mode. Once connected, you simply need to open the lid and the earbuds are paired automatically.  

You need to install Samsung Galaxy Wearable app from google playstore to access full features of the buds. The android app displays the charging of the case as well as earbuds, allows you select between different sound profiles, customized touch controls & a lot more. It also helps you update the firmware, whenever a new version is launched. 

The live buds comes with multi-device support which allows you to connect two devices to the Buds Live at a time. While it does not change focus as per the audio, it protects you from the pain of disconnecting the buds from a device, before connecting it to another.  

The quality of the calls channel is significantly lower than that of the music channel with Samsung galaxy live buds, and quieter too. Even if you have music fully turned off, it can be an poor experience using the call feature on these earbuds, but they’re passable in a pinch.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Audio Performance Review

In the present world, the sound performance is one of the best, if not the best. The balanced audio profile on the Samsung galaxy Buds Live is really similar to what you get with the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds, which is present now the gold standard when it comes to TWS. The air vent design adds life to music without over enhancing the sound. 

I really enjoyed the understated bass production on ‘Amplifier’ by imran khan which is enough to the extent where is clear separation from vocals & almost no distortion of audio even when the volume is full.

The tracks like ‘Legend’ by Sidhu moose wala, baby girl by guru randhawa & where beats set mood freshness, are controlled equally efficiently.  

This is one of the superior handling of bass I have experience on an audio device in the new times. The Galaxy Buds Live will be appreciated by those who prefer instruments and vocals over beats generated by computer. 

Coming back again to more new tracks, ‘senorita’ by shawn mendes on the Buds Live will make you grooving with the powerful beats. ‘Loney’ by Diplo & Jonas Brothers was a mood changer with the earbuds once again secured that the vocals are not compromised. 

There was a prev-time when music was the only function you would consider before buying an audio device. That has exchanged with the number of content being released by streaming platforms. I used the Buds Live to watch ‘big boss’ and also the Russian Grand Prix last week.  

The sound of tires screeching was slightly annoying at times, forcing me to reduced the volume level to about 80%. Otherwise, the results were much satisfactory.  

Samsung company has also giving feature of ‘Find My Earbuds’ with the Galaxy Buds Live. by chance you misplace the buds, this feature can be helpful to produce a sound out of them, helping you track their location. While the function is useful indoors, I am not sure if the sound comes out would be enough to locate the live buds, in case you end up losing them in noisy environment.  

Another issue I figured was with the range of the Buds Live, which I found to be considerably less than Apple AirPods Pro & even the Galaxy Buds+. The sound would start to break as soon as I left the room where the mobile was located.  

Another thing you will be looking at before buying the Galaxy Buds Live is the Active Noise Cancellation – a function still rare in India. The earbuds don’t have the perfect noise cancelling abilities but manage to do a better job.  

Final Verdict of our earbuds review by achasahi

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live directly competing the Apple company’s AirPods Pro, Jabra Elite 75h & also Sony WF-1000XM3 – all others earbuds which also offer Active Noise Cancellation. All of these are also considerably more high priced than the Galaxy Buds Live which would cost you Rupees 14,990 in India. 

The final points of Samsung Buds Live review- it come with a refreshed design, nice battery life and lovely sound performance.

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