Best DSLRs review for beginners 4k video shooting

Picking the best DSLR camera for 4k Video shooting 2020 stands for balancing up 3 standard things: price under budget..

Picking the best DSLR camera for 4k Video shooting 2020 stands for balancing up 3 standard things: price under budget. Facility of use & potential.

best dslr & mirrorless camera's
best camera’s for begginers

First, if you’re only starting out in photography world, you may have a low limited budget, or you may not want to invest huge number of money in a hobby you’re still entering into photography.

On our list of best DSLR camera for 4k Video shooting we’ve added both DSLRs & mirrorless cameras, mainly we have focused those peoples who are just beginning up in photography field.

The best mirrorless cameras tend to have the profitable in terms of portability & weight, while the best DSLRs are broadly more rugged & ergonomically designed.

  1. Nikon D3500 review
Nikon D3500 preview

specs of Nikon D3500 Type: DSLR | Sensor: APS-C | Megapixels: 24.2MP | Lens mount: Nikon F (DX) | Screen: 3in, 921,000 dots | Max burst speed: 5fps | Max video resolution: 1080p (Full HD) | suitable for: Beginner

Nikon D3500 is a DSLR type camera, it’s comes with APS-C sensor and the nikon D3500 frame rate capability is 24 frames per second.

The strong point including in this review Nikon D3500 is one of our best reccomended DSLRs for photography students – or for that person who is looking for a low-cost way into serious capturing.

It looks as stunning today as when it was launched, & dropping prices only make it more attractive still.

Beginner DSLR cameras don’t have to be cutting edge – they have to be straightforward, affordable, & just plain good. And that’s what the Nikon D3500 delivers.

This is imaging product manufactured by Nikon the popular brand camera company and the Nikon D3500 model is Very compact & designed with lightweight body.

And the d3500 DSLR camera comes with full HD (1080p) resolution, 24.2 megapixels & its screen size is 3.0 inches but it is not touchscreen, nikon D3500 DSLRs screen dots are 921,000.

it’s battery backup life is very long & Good single-shot AF performance

As well as Nikon DSLR camera’s max speed of burst is 5fps and this product is the right thing for buy in beginning level of photography.

2. Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D / EOS 200D Mark II review

Canon EOS Rebel Sl3 preview

specs we found while review Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D / EOS 200D Mark II – Type: DSLR | Sensor: APS-C | Lens mount: Canon EF-S | Screen: 3in vari-angle touchscreen, 1,040,000 dots | Max burst speed: 5fps | Max video resolution: 4K UHD at 25p

We picked to review canon EOS Rebel camera’s this DSLR camera comes with advance features like big & touch working screen, high resolution, etc.

as we can say it is not the cheapest DSLR camera but, this product is value for money you will get the quality what you pay for.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D / EOS 200D Mark II comes with Ultra High defination 4k resoltion quality video shooting capability.

Canon 250D Review | Trusted Reviews
Canon EOS 250D preview

it’s worth paying a little more money to get a much superior range of features – & this is the perfect example.

The EOS Rebel SL3 (aka EOS 250D / EOS 200D Mark II) has Canon’s best-of-the range APS-C sensor with 24.1MegaPixels of resolution and amazing Live View shooting.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D / EOS 200D Mark II comes with a fully-articulating touchscreen display & Canon’s fast Dual Pixel CMOS AF autofocus feature.

In fact, actually say this is one of the only DSLRs where composing shots with the screen is downright preferable to using the viewfinder.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 (aka EOS 250D / EOS 200D Mark II also packs in 4K video & Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, wrapped up in the handy DSLR body you’ll ever see. 

and now if you buy this camera then we suggest you the suitable & best performing lens kit for cannon – Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

3. Panasonic Lumix G100 Camera review

Type: Mirrorless | Sensor: Micro Four T hirds | Megapixels: 20.3 | Lens mount: MFT | Screen: 3-inch vari-angle, 1,840k dots | Viewfinder: EVF, 3.69m dots | Max continuous shooting speed: 10fps | Max video resolution: 4K UHD | User level: Beginner/enthusiast

Panasonic lumix G100 preview

This Panasonic Lumix G100 mirrorless camera is suitable to using for individual photography passion, and best for vloggers.

it comes with the capability of max shooting speed 10fps continuously.

panasonic G100 mirror-less camera can shoot Ultra High definition 4k video with 20.3 megapixels.

Both photographers and vloggers will be satisfied with the simplicity of the Panasonic Lumix G100. It makes it simple to capture high-quality video shooting & stills with its approachable button layout.

Even people uninterested in the technicality fundamentals of shooting stunning videos will be able to get results with this Panasonic mirrorless camera.

There’s an inherent danger of dumbing things down too much when creating a camera for social media publications as snack video, facebook, youtube, tiktok,mxtakatak & more. but Panasonic has avoided that pitfall with the Lumix G100 camera.

the panasonic lumix G100 an edge in a highly competitive market By adding it a decent EVF viewfinder & “proper camera” ergonomics.

This is a amazing camera to start with if you’re more interested in vlogging than only photography.

4. Canon EOS M50 / Mark II

Canon’s mid-range mirrorless camera ticks a lot of boxes

Type: Mirrorless | Sensor: APS-C | Lens mount: Canon EF-M | Screen: 3in vari-angle touchscreen, 1,040k dots | Max burst speed: 10fps | Max video resolution: 4K UHD

Canon EOS m50 in hand preview

The Canon EOS M50 fulfilled a lot of tech features into its compact body. The fact it comes with viewfinder feature. When so many similarly valued cost mirrorless cameras don’t giving viewfinder. This one is a big point of selling.

this is mid-range mirrorless camera can record ultra HD 4k videos.

Canon EOS M50 is built with a polycarbonate rather than metal body shell, but it still feels robust enough in cameraman’s hand.

it can be little much awkwaed to use, when retracting the 15-45mm kit lens.

Canon eos M50

comes with some fewer unexpected limitations for shooting 4k video with this mirrorless camera.

This is a cute & simple to use camera. Which is really rather versatile, and it’s a great choice in mirrorless cameras with the Canon Rebel SL3/EOS 250D. Which are comes with similar features in a mini camera.

Openly, it’s a bit of a disappointing upgrade with some autofocus tweaks. The faculty to shoot vertical video & not a lot else – so if you see the older model at a knock-down price. Go for it!
• our Recommended kit lens: Canon EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM

5. The Fujifilm X-T200 mirrorless camera

fujifilm X-t200 preview

And there’s the 5th best thing is Fujifilm X-T200 in our best DSLR & mirrorless cameras list, this one is also inexpensive mirrorless camera for beginners in photography world.

It comes with compatibility of using company’s X-mount function.

It takes the place of the fujifilm X-T100, a product that seemed claiming when it was out in market, but whose sluggish experience was a letdown.

Thankfully, the company has put a lot of work into making the X-T200 model product both more responsive & full-featured.

if we look about its screen size we get 2,76000 dots, 3.5inch vari-angle big touchscreen.

And the other +plus points we found in this mirrorless camera it has good 4k video shooting features, It also has an electronic viewfinder & compatible to record 4K video as well as 24.2 -megapixel stills.

Fujifilm x-t200 mirrorless camera preview

Fujifilm X-T200 is compatible to shoot 4k video continuosly 8fps speed.

And now we can say, the Fujifilm X-T200 mirrorless camera is suitable for both beginners & Intermediate can enjoy this fujifim mirrorless camera’s features.

How easy is it to get the new DSLR camera out of the box and take a good shot?

Best DSLR beginner cameras have full automatic Control modes and easy to set up, intimidating options. Finally, we have to look for specs like – camera video resolution, frame rate, and bit more things.

This means that the DSLR camera should be efficient to grow with user. As you get more confident with video shooting technique. And want to find out more advanced features.

For reviewers, the perfect balance during these 3 factors will be an interchangeable lens DSLR camera. In other words a mirrorless camera.

If you only want to take photos without much fuss and are less caring about developing advanced photography skills. Our reviewed DSLR camera’s are really easy to use. And the most important thing these are coming under your budget too. 

What important things are for look in a DSLR camera in 2020?

  1. Camera Price! When you are just starting out photography, you probably don’t have most money to spend. And you may be unsure if this is the good skill for you, or the best kind of DSLR camera.
  1. Interchangeable lenses. There’s a fixed amount you can achieve with a fixed DSLR lens camera. Shortly or later you will want to analyze the potential of unique lenses, from expansive wide-angles to far-reaching telephotos.
  1. Do megapixels matters in DSLRs? The bigger sensors in DSLRs & mirrorless cameras are what provides the images they produce their detail. Clarity & sharpness, Not the megapixels. 16MP is on the low side but 24MP is enough to get fine to use.
  1. Video shooter: completely we want to capture our lives both with pictures and with video. And video has become a standard part of the social media and also content creation. 4K is better than regular full HD quality.
  1. Handy controls. When you’re newly trying the ropes, you need a DSLR camera with straightforward automatic modes. That can give you the assuredness to start shooting. You can learn the technicalities here in after
  2. Manual modes. However, once you’re confident with the fundamentals. You’re going to get to a stage where you know what you want superior than the camera does!  This is where you’ll need a DSLR camera that offers manual exposure & manual focus functions.

DSLR & Mirrorless Camera final discussion

Purchasing a best DSLR or mirrorless camera is not only about the body itself. You are making a purchase into a whole system of lenses & accessories specific to a builders. If you buy, say, a Fuji-film X camera, you will be using Fuji film X lenses for the enforceable future.

Few systems are more versatile or cross-compatible than others. – For instance, Panasonic & Olympus both use the Micro 4 Thirds standard. Which permits them to use each other’s lenses independently.

However, it everytime pays to do your research. And be sure you are making purchase into the system that’s correct for you.

That way, when it comes condition to upgrade your camera. You can still able to use all the lenses you’ve acquired for your first model.

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